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Quick Question?

What are your top 3 turn ons sexually? Like what really gets you going?
(If you don’t know, that’s okay. Just think of what you might like)

Tagged: #just curious

  1. sciencemachine answered: Lawnmower engines running in the background, my partner having a headcold and the bed being laced with Kinder Surprise Eggs.
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    1.Anime 2.Food 3.ANIME WITH FOOD IN IT!!!
  3. chilli-fries answered: big hands,if they play video games,body hair
  4. spoopyyetnot answered: Heheheeeeeee okay well, I love biceps.. Also light biting on my skin. And groping my ass, or letting me grope yours. Unf
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  6. lullabyfaerie said: When a man has a gentleness about himself combined with slight dominance
  7. neemakam answered: neck kisses, heavy breathing, lingering/teasing
  8. bobby-pendragon-of-second-earth answered: Well I have sort of sensitive skin so a right touch or lick can be a major turn on, when my girlfriend takes control, and minor bondage
  9. find-your-place answered: Swimming in my own feces, Pterodactyl mating calls, Licking random old people with scraggly facial hair. Don’t fucking judge me. XD
  10. infiltrate-the-ass said: I guess when we’re kissing while standing and I can push my midsection on hers and if she grabs my dick while it’s in my pants (whether her hand is outside of my pants or she sticks her hand in).
  11. okay-fuckity-bye answered: aggressive kissing, fingertips brushing between legs, and playing hard to get
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  13. seonjukim said: Swag, swag, and swag
  14. saradeeno answered: When someone takes control.
  15. auki-biya answered: people touching me, saliva trail, moaning
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  17. imtotallybaked said: Boobs <3 <3, lip biting, and really sexual play fighting
  18. deathbydaniel said: Curves high heels and anything that makes her happy
  19. insert-ridiculously-long-url answered: A great mind, curly hair, unique personality.
  20. ahoyjay answered: spaghetti
  21. mmmmtayy answered: being dominated over, being rough on each other, laughing together
  22. dantelupine answered: Erm, I like hairy guys, in regards to pubes. I love it when a guy is hard, and he flexes his cock to make it bounce. I like licking people..
  23. chopstick-fever answered: I’ve got some weird love of men with big soft bellies. it makes them very huggable and cuddly :)
  24. i-am-ink said: When she takes the initiative, isn’t fully clothed, and plays with herself.
  25. brittonius answered: moaning, kissing, seeing the other person get off. just off the top of my head
  26. unabridgedmusing answered: Skin, struggle, and absolute trust.
  27. instaboon answered: FEET
  28. glubbinpeixes answered: neck kisses yumyum
  29. chuckle-w0rthy answered: confidence, sexually touching, grinding
  30. lokilover69 answered: Being bitten on the neck, having someone blow in my ear (weird i know), and that’s the two that i know of up till now. Glad to help (i guess
  31. dogstarblues answered: grungy ripped clothes. cleanliness and good hygiene. being self-assured
  32. striderbaby answered: grinding, light touching/scratching on skin like back neck head and stuff, smells (no shame)
  33. katnisssmockinqjay answered: money,food,wifi
  34. enchanting-monster answered: A male not afraid to let it be known he’s enjoying himself (i.e Moans a lot), Neck biting, back scratching
  35. heysnap said: You mean what could my partner do to me to drive me crazy?
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  37. heysnap answered: At what point though? Like, before you’re even in the mood? Or what your partner does to you in bed?
  38. r3vitalizing answered: Dora, warm gloves, and acetone.
  39. b7guzman said: 1) punk 2) monk 3) steven
  40. verlangenlotte answered: kisses on the neck, hair pulling, and grinding.
  41. yodisbemyblawgdawg answered: A nice booty
  42. lydoc answered: pineapples
  43. sassyblacknerd answered: freckles, non-over dramatic moaning, catching guys masturbate (no shame here)
  44. gentlemanstatus answered: A plate of fried chicken, bribes, when the beat drops